Orlee’s Story

Hi, I’m Orlee… A mom just like you who felt there was something missing on Canadian grocery store shelves.

I’m also a registered holistic nutritionist, and I knew I wanted to raise my baby on organic food. When I got pregnant in 2005, I realized there was simply no complete line of organic baby food anywhere in Canada! If I wanted the best for my baby I would have to do something about it. And now it’s happened.

A fantastic team came together, and we have created the first complete line of baby foods in Canada that are certified Organic – free of pesticides, herbicides, preservatives and artificial flavours and colours.

You just can’t imagine the trials and tribulations of starting a small organic baby food company! The chaos my team went through sourcing the finest organic products… almost as painful as childbirth. Yet we were able to do it… for moms and the health of our kids. In the end, I know you’ll find it worth our efforts.

From one mom to another, I hope you like our products!